Invoicing software suits for both products’ and services’ sellers

I am using invoicing software from the start of my company, which was 10 years ago. My friends and partners think like I am very experienced person and come for an advice. Last time I was asked about the differences between using invoicing software in product selling company and service providing company. My company is selling products in the internet and invoicing program really helps me do invoicing. I haven’t been thinking if there is some difference in using invoicing software for products and services.

I have added all the products I am selling to invoicing program. It is easy made by adding product name, price and unit. After that I can add products to invoice with a few clicks. I guess that if you provide services, you can add your services same way. For example, in the name field write “repair work”, set price and complete. To my mind, invoicing software could be perfectly used for both products selling companies and for service providing companies. There is no big difference what you offer for selling, because invoicing program is suitable for everything you provide and receive money for. Of course if you have cash register and give your clients receipt right after purchase, then invoicing software doesn’t suit for that. Usually shops that sell something in the internet use invoices and invoicing programs.

No matter what are you selling, but if you once have tried invoicing software you will never give up using it. That is proved practically. All the people I know, who started using invoicing program, are satisfied with the results it brings. What about me, I also can’t imagine my work without smart program, which invoices my clients, but I am thinking of trying some new and more advanced program in future.


7 Nov 2012