A ski trip to the alps

Me and my girlfriend are going on a ski trip in December. We have booked Val Thorens. Neither one of us has been there before. But some of our friends have, and they recommended it to us. My girlfriend, who is Swedish has been to the Swedish alps since she was a child. Last year we talked about going on a ski trip, but we decided to take a trip to Bahamas instead. But this year we thought it would be fun to go on a ski trip together. So, we are really exited now.

Need to update the ski gear

I don’t have any skis or boots or clothes for going on a ski trip. So, I need to buy all of this before our trip. I saw that there is a guide on a website called Freeride. So maybe I will check that out for advice on what kind of skis I need. I know that its possible to rent some of the equipment in the alps. But I think its nicer to have your own things. My girlfriend already has all things she need, but she talked about maybe invest in some new clothes as well. So maybe we need to go on a shopping trip real soon. I have heard about a place called Ullared, maybe we will go there. They have many cheap things that you can buy.

13 Nov 2019