How UK’s alien got Swedish driving license - Körkort

I was born and lived until 25 years in UK. I wasn’t thinking of changing my place of living until I met Louise. She was participating in Erasmus (international exchange of students program) and came to UK to study for a half a year. She was directed exactly to my university. Louise was from Sweden. She had white hair and blue eyes and it was hard not to fall in love with her. We spend nice time during the period she was in UK. When she went back to Sweden I was upset and understood that I should change my life in order not to loose her. I knew that she had big perspective in Sweden and couldn’t move to UK for living. I came to Sweden and we started to live together.

Well, this step for me was really hard. I didn’t know Swedish. I couldn’t say even three words in Swedish. It was a disaster. But Louise helped me a lot. She was teaching me every evening. After some weeks I started searching for a job. To get well-paid job I needed to have driving license. In Sweden the call them körkort.

As you know in UK we drive on the left side of the road, but in Sweden they do it on the right side. It was first horrible thing on my way to körkort. Fortunately, I have found out that I can drive with my English license up to 1 year. But anyway it didn’t simplify driving in Sweden for me. I got job, relaxed a little and started to learn for körkort. Theory test included 8 different tests. I was pretty self-confident about theory test. I can’t say the same about practical part. When I was driving I wanted to make some wrong turn from time to time. Another surprise of the practice test was driving in extreme conditions. It is driving on ice, on a rainy slippery road. We never have this in UK. We even don’t wear winter tires. It was serious trial for me, but in the end I even enjoyed it. Now I feel more confident about driving in bad conditions. Also see trafikskola malmö.


12 Nov 2012