Driving Theory & Information


Driving license

22 Oct 2012

Anyone who wants to drive a vehicle must have a driving license. To achieve this, drivers of cars, motorcycle and moped riders have to pass a driving theory test and a driving test. The permitted driving age in the UK is: • Car (Category B) - from 17 years. • Motorcycle (Category A) - from [...]

Driving test

21 Oct 2012

Driving test is the test which is applied by the Driving Standards Agency to evaluate your practical driving skills. Learning to drive and passing the driving test is primarily a road safety measure. It is designed to ensure that all new drivers can drive alone and safely. To be able to apply for UK driving [...]

Hazard perception test

21 Oct 2012

Hazard perception test is a component of the UK theory test. The first part of the theory test is the multiple choice questions and the second part – the hazard perception test. You may have up to three minutes break between both parts of the theory test. After the break, a short tutorial video clip [...]

UK theory test

21 Oct 2012

UK theory test is the test which is applied by the Driving Standards Agency to evaluate your theoretical driving knowledge. The theory test takes place at the Theory Test Centre. There are approximately 200 Theory Test Centres in the UK for you to choose from (nearest distance etc.) To apply for the theory test you [...]

Provisional license

20 Oct 2012

Provisional license gives you the right to commence learning to drive a car, a moped or a motorcycle. If you would like to obtain the driving skills to drive a car or ride a motorcycle, you can apply for your provisional license 3 months prior to your 17th birthday. Be aware that you may not [...]

Driving lessons

19 Oct 2012

In order to drive safely and pass a driving test every learner attends driving lessons. Your instructor can be anyone over 21 years of age who holds a current driving license in the relevant vehicle category and has for at least three years. Driving lessons with an approved driving instructor are not compulsory. However, it [...]